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Press Release - Orlando, FL 2/21/20


Airus Media to Produce Air Transport Feature Length Documentary


Airus Media, Inc. has initiated efforts to produce a full length feature film about the birth, growth, and potential future of commercial aviation.   Contact Airus Media for more information.



Press Release - Plant City, FL


Airus Media produces first holographic Virtual Assistant  for TSA.


Recently installed at Colorado Springs Airport (COS), Airus Media produced the first holographic avatar to be used by the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in an effort to speed up and enhance airport security . Administered by TSA-DEN this initial installation is part of a pilot program to automate selected security screening functions.  It is believed that automation of security functions such as the almost continuous delivery of standard instructions such as ""please remove your belts, shoes ...." will free up TSA staff to focus on more important tasks such as scanning passengers for prohibited items. To-date, an on-going study at COS has confirmed that utilization of the Virtual Assistant by TSA has resulted in a 10 percent reduction in passenger bag checks.  Patrick Bienvenu served as Project Manager and Producer for this important virtual assistant project.


View Fox news video of COS Avatar.


Press Release - Plant City, FL


Airus Media awarded 2015 Platinum AVA  Digital Award for 2 Holographic Airport Virtual Assistant Installations at San Antonio International Airport.


The "Platinum award is presented to those entries judged to be among the most outstanding submissions in the competition. Platinum winners are recognized for their excellence in terms of quality, creativity, and resourcefulness." About 15% of over 2,100 entries worldwide won the top platinum award based on an evaluation by Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals’ (AMCP) Judges.


Please visit for more information and a complete list of winners.


According to Patrick Bienvenu, CEO of Airus Media, Inc. this award winning production and installation of virtual assistant technology at San Antonio International Airport was a team effort involving Airport and Airus Media staff.




Press Release - Plant City, FL 12/1/2014 Airus Media, Inc.


AVA .. the Airport Virtual Assistant speeds up screening at San Antonio International Airport.


In an effort to further improve the passenger travel experience, the City of San Antonio contracted with Airus Media, Inc. of Plant City, Florida to produce, manufacture, and install two airport virtual assistant (AVA) units to assist with passenger security screening.  Recently installed, the two avatars are now on the job and have been affectionately named “EVA” by the City.


As reported by CNN, the two units are essentially bi-lingual avatars of security screening agents, providing general and TSA pre-check security screening messages, in both English and Spanish, to facilitate and expedite security screening at San Antonio International Airport. This is the first known installation of an avatar for use in TSA pre-check security screening.


The specific objective of the program is to deliver a clear and consistent message that prompts passengers to prepare for security, prior to reaching the security screening point, thus expediting the security screening process for passengers and freeing up TSA staff for more important tasks.


AVA was created by Airus Media, Inc. (formally doing business as  According to Patrick Bienvenu, CEO, AVA was created to disseminate information clearly, consistently, and with the impact necessary to achieve the desired result.


Depending upon the use of AVA, that result may simply be the recipients understanding of a particular message, or an experience that results in the purchase of a particular product or service. In addition to delivering  a clear and consistent message, AVA is an incredible advertising tool that literally "stops people dead in their tracks”.


According to Bienvenu, producing and manufacturing AVA is a complex process involving high end videography, digital engineering, computer programming, graphics, and manufacturing. “Its very new technology that uses Casio Lamp Free Projectors which can work 24/7 for up to 20,000 hours. That means essentially no maintenance.”   AVA actually looks real  … much more lifelike than a traditional hologram. Bienvenu says that the process is truly an art in that it takes creativity and an artistic ability to make AVA look like a real person. In addition to San Antonio International Airport, Airus Media has produced and manufactured virtual assistants for numerous airport installations including Long Beach, Northwest Florida, Laguardia, JFK, and Newark Liberty International Airports. Also, Airus Media recently finished installation of 5 AVA units for the Department of Defense at 5 military installations throughout the US.


See Fox 13 interview with Patrick Bienvenu ... creator of AVA™.

AVA - the airport virtual assistant helps with security screening at San Antoino Airport.