Airus Media

Formally AirportONE


TSA Airport Security Screening Virtual Assistant

Press Release - Plant City, FL Updated 12/2/16


Airus Media produces first holographic Virtual Assistant  for TSA.


Recently installed at Colorado Springs Airport (COS), Airus Media produced the first holographic avatar to be used by the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in an effort to speed up and enhance airport security. Administered by TSA-DEN this initial installation is part of a pilot program to automate selected security screening functions.  It is believed that automation of security functions such as the almost continuous delivery of standard instructions such as "please remove your belts, shoes ...." will free up TSA staff to focus on more important tasks such as scanning passengers for prohibited items. To-date, an on-going study at COS has confirmed that utilization of the Virtual Assistant by TSA has resulted in a 10 percent reduction in passenger bag checks.


Airus Media utilized Casio Lamp Free Projectors for image projection and 80/20 for supporting components. Patrick Bienvenu served as Project Manager and Producer for this important virtual assistant project.  Contact Airus Media for more information.


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